Complete Lecture Diary

This is a record of all the lectures we have delivered since the founding of the Lodge.  You can use the search tools to search by Lodge name or number.  If you are interested in having us deliver a lecture for your Lodge, please contact the Lecture Master.

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COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate of Lecture COM_FABRIK_ORDERLecture Title Location
Barton Court Lodge 5468 15-11-2006 First
Old Portmuthian Lodge 8285 20-11-2006 First
Sir Bevis Lodge 5072 25-11-2006 Atholl
King Edward VII Lodge 3816 28-11-2006 Progression
Lentune Lodge 8743 09-01-2007 Progression
Friendship and Justice Lodge 8074 17-01-2007 Atholl
Oceanus Lodge 7785 18-01-2007 First
Oakley Lodge 694 05-02-2007 First
Twynham Lodge 5889 05-02-2007 Third
Domus Dei Lodge 5151 07-02-2007 Second
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