Complete Lecture Diary

This is a record of all the lectures we have delivered since the founding of the Lodge.  You can use the search tools to search by Lodge name or number.  If you are interested in having us deliver a lecture for your Lodge, please contact the Lecture Master.

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Lodge Name
Lodge Number
Date of Lecture Lecture Title Location
Lodge of Loyalty 1533 04-11-2003 Atholl
Lodge of Brotherly Love 329 05-11-2003 Third
Victory Lodge 3509 07-11-2003 First
Lodge of Benevolence 1168 10-11-2003 First
Cudlow Lodge 8738 12-11-2003 First
Chanctonbury Lodge 6296 04-12-2003 First
Highcliffe Lodge 8054 10-12-2003 Second
Harry C Preater Lodge 8204 15-12-2003 First
Gloucestershire Provincial Grand Steward 9439 12-01-2004 Third
Fearnhamme Lodge 9149 21-01-2004 First
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