Complete Lecture Diary

This is a record of all the lectures we have delivered since the founding of the Lodge.  You can use the search tools to search by Lodge name or number.  If you are interested in having us deliver a lecture for your Lodge, please contact the Lecture Master.

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COM_FABRIK_ORDERDate of Lecture COM_FABRIK_ORDERLecture Title Location
Vortigern Lodge 4854 24-09-1999 First
Medina Lodge 35 14-10-1999 Atholl
Occeanus Lodge 7785 21-10-1999 First
East Hampshire Masters' Lodge 9513 25-10-1999 Second
Lee Bitten Lodge 5782 04-11-1999 First
Richard Taunton Lodge 7050 20-11-1999 First
Ashford Manor, Staines 5405 03-12-1999 Other
St. Matthew of Wyke Lodge 8563 04-12-1999 Third
Bishopswood Lodge 7920 16-12-1999 First
Hampshire & Isle of Wight Prov.G. Stewards Lodge 9263 21-01-2000 Combined Portsmouth(Lake Rd)
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