Worshipful Master

 Worshipful Brother David Hilton MBE, AGSwdB; PProvGSwdB; PPGStwd
Worshipful Master – 2016-2017


May I welcome you to the Hampshire & IDHilton-smallsle of Wight Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge website and I hope it provides you with an insight into Red Apron masonry.

As the 30th Master of the Lodge since it's consecration in 1987 and in this Tercentenary year, I consider myself very fortunate and privileged to be following in the footsteps of those Past Masters who have served before me.  Over the years, the Stewards Lodge has given unstinting support to the Provincial Grand Master and the Province.  The main purpose is, and will always be "To serve".  As you would expect, it is very much my aim to ensure that we continue to serve the Provincial Grand Master and the Province during my term of office.

Over the course of the last thirty years the Stewards Lodge has adapted to the ever-changing world we live in.  In the last ten years’ society, has changed at a rate never experienced before.  We are also seeing several changes within Freemasonry itself and this is necessary to ensure we accommodate the needs of the modern man.  The Stewards Lodge is very much at the forefront of the changes and will continue to adapt to ensure we meet those needs.

Freemasonry has a purpose; it also has a responsibility to its members.  My responsibility to the members of the Stewards Lodge is to ensure they enjoy the meetings and provide a level of personal fulfilment specific to the individual.  I also hope that their families and friends enjoy the memorable social events we have planned during 2017.

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