Charity & The Lodge

The Hampshire and Isle of Wight Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge was founded in 1987 and since that time the Lodge and its members have fully supported both Masonic and non - Masonic charities.  The duty of the Lodge Charity Steward is to advise both the Lodge and its members on charitable matters and to carry out any associated tasks that may be required to promote or enhance its presence in the Province as regards charity.

On the 7th July 2010 at the Provincial Grand Lodge Annual meeting, the Provincial Grand Master officially launched the 2016 Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys Festival and the lodge is now working hard in its efforts to raise funds for this Festival Appeal which will culminate in a grand charity dinner sometime in 2016.  Please take a look at the work of the Trust on The Royal Masonic Trust for Girls & Boys helps children and young people in many ways through a variety of different funds and projects, details of which can be found on this website.

The main work of the Trust is to assist Masonic families who have experienced a change in their circumstances that has led to financial hardship. This could be for example following the ill health or death of a parent. The main way the Trust helps is by providing ongoing financial support to relieve poverty and advance education.  The Trust also funds TalentAid for gifted young people from Masonic families and Choral Bursaries for young choristers. There are many other smaller funds that can help in all sorts of ways; please remember, this is a poverty charity and aims to put hope back into the lives of these unfortunate children.

The main thrust of individual donating to the Festival is through regular donations via the direct debit process or alternatively through one-off donations.  Both of these forms can be downloaded through the following links:- 2016 RMTGB Festival Regular Donations Form or 2016 RMTGB Festival Single Donations Form

Even a small regular monthly donation will aid the Festival considerably and every brother is encouraged to begin their donations to the Festival as soon as possible.  Remember, by gift aiding all donations this can add an aditional 25% to the RMTGB (after April 2011), so please ensure you 'tick' the box.

Our charitable giving is also supporteed through lodge activities such as the funding it receives from the Lecture Teams who travel all over the Masonic Province of Hampshire & Isle of Wight giving demonstrations and lectures.  Raffles and events are organised by the Fundraising Committee and the brethren keenly support these functions which are held throughout the year.

We are however very conscious of the need to support non- Masonic charities even during this time of a Festival period, particularly within our local community and it is then that the various charitable trusts can help such as the Tom Langton Fund.  This link provides reports and lists of non-Masonic charity grants.  For more general information please see the Provincial charity information page, this link will provide a portal to a list of Masonic charities, so please take time to read these pages so that you can appraise yourself of the extent of Masonic giving.

Our fundraising is a major part of the lodge activity and is set to continue in the future with Masonic and non-Masonic charities continuing to benefit from the generosity of the brethren of the Lodge and their friends.



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